For web site constructors

We’re often contacted by web site constructors who offers to build a (more current / appealing, better selling, (add more superlatives here) web site for us.

We’re aware that this site could be much more than it is – BUT – it’s all that we need.

Our services are limited to Danish Parachute Clubs, all members of the same Union and we have no interest in expanding in any way.

They are very aware of our existence, and we are in a very good formal as well as informal contact with all of them. After all, Denmark is a small country.

In fact, the reason we created the domain name “” was to get domain-based mail accounts for Sky Air Aps – the web site was just a spin of…

So just to make it clear:
• We do NOT use this web site as a business booster, and even with the best effort, this web site wouldn’t make a nickel of a difference, ever, for the reasons stated above.
• We do NOT need anything more from this web page.
• We do NOT want to spend time on describing our needs (more than already stated above).

Any offers to build a web site for us, will be declined – and will be a complete wast of time for both parties.

“But what strange kind business are you, that do not want to run a business”, you might ask.

The answer is simple:
We’re actually not really a business. Sky Air Aps is merely a container, founded by two Danish Parachute clubs, consisting of one airplane and a separate economy (the latter is the main reason for constructing the company in the first place).

IF other Danish clubs are in need of a airplane capable of dropping parachute jumpers, they –can- rent ours, and often they do so – but again, this web pages has never really facilitated any of those arrangements.

We sincerely thanks you for your attention – and wish you good luck in finding other costumers.

Best regards
Jens Pedersen
CEO, Sky Air Aps